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Networked Systems and Connection Science

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Networked Systems and Connection Science Faculty Position

The newly launched MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) is seeking candidates for tenure-track faculty positions starting in July 2018 or on a mutually agreed date thereafter.   Appointments will be at the assistant or untenured associate professor level.   Appointments will be made in partnership with MIT departments and IDSS.   Candidates must have a Ph.D. in Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research, Economics or a related field by the start of their employment.   Faculty duties include teaching, research, supervision of graduate and undergraduate students and service to the Institute and profession.   We will consider candidates with backgrounds and interests in the general area of Networked Systems and Connection Science with focus on foundations and rigorous approaches to analysis, optimization, design and implementation of complex interconnected systems.   Such interconnections may integrate engineering, computational, social and economic systems and methods.   Of particular interest are candidates with expertise in one or more of the following emerging areas:

  1. Foundations of information and decision systems with specific focus on control, optimization, and inference in large scale, autonomous, networked systems.   We are particularly interested in individuals whose research addresses multiple perspectives ranging from architecture and design principles to social and economic implications.

  2. Smart services, with specific focus on engineering solutions for the design and operation of smart infrastructures (civil, electrical, utilities, transportation, etc.).   Of particular interest are individuals whose research is focused on enhancing the understanding and design of interdependent critical infrastructure systems, security and privacy of smart services and cyber-physical systems as well as understanding their robustness and fragilities.

  3. Foundations of markets and social systems, specifically design of new markets as well as new algorithmic and theoretical approaches to strategic interaction in social and economic networks.

We are interested in candidates who have the vision and interest to contribute to the research frontier of the above mentioned emerging interdisciplinary fields.

Candidates must register with the School of Engineering Faculty Search website and must submit application materials electronically to this website.   Candidate applications should include a description of professional interests and goals in both teaching and research.   In view of the joint nature of the position, candidates are encouraged to identify a home department (from the School of Engineering).   Each application should include a curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three or more individuals who will provide letters of recommendation.   Letter writers should submit their letters directly to MIT, preferably on the website or by mailing to the address below.   Please submit a complete application by January 1, 2018.

Send all materials not submitted on the website to:

MIT is an equal opportunity employer. Women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.


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